Spontaneous Combustion

I fell like I am about to explode. I have a million things running through my mind. It’s not just to-do’s and unfinished tasks. It’s vision. It’s ideas. I feel as if I just can’t seem to execute everything in my heart. I am not sure but God must be behind all this. I think He likes us to carry vision and dreams and ideas. He likes us to be walking incubators. I don’t like it much because I am ready to get this stuff out and get it done. But there are obstacles. Money is one. Man I hate money hurdles. We could seriously use a benefactor to kick our church around $10,000. Not begging here. Just being open. People are obstacles. Not that they are in the way. It’s just the people that are going to carry some of this vision have not shown up. It’s facilities. My dreams are so much bigger than our space. I am so very thankful for God giving us our space. But my vision can’t be contained in this building. I feel like I just have too much air for my lungs.

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