Tough On Team

This week will be a challenging week for our whole team. I feel we all need to raise the level of focus, detail, vision, and polish on all areas of our church ministry. I am not into performance perfection. But I am into doing our very best for our God and our people. So I have posed some challenging questions to our staff and givin input to our staff. And I know how difficult it can be to receive this kind of input without feeling criticized.

I definitely appreciate our team. And I firmly believe that God loves me. And when I am challenged by God, called up by God, or pressured by God, I know He loves me because discipline is a sign of His love. And that’s how I am feeling right now about our team. I love these three couples. And I see how little improvements can be made that will yield great results.

The hard part is having to be the guy to bring the information. It is so much easier to just be complimentary. It’s easier to just kind of lay back and give no input and hope God makes whatever changes He wants. But that’s just not the best thing. So if you have time would you pray for me to communicate these kinds of tweaks and adjustments well. And would you pray for our team. I know they all feel the challenge to make adjustments. I know God is moving on our church and our staff and preparing us and molding us and stretching us!

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