Here’s to you

Last night, I was painting at the church. And I was joined by a guy we will call “Donnie”, becuase that’s his name. Anyway, Donnie and I are talking about all kinds of stuff. Then he begins telling me he is reading through the Bible. And, it is starting to interrupt his sleep time. He is trying to get a certain amount of reading done each day. But it’s not for quantity. He is truly engaging Scripture. And He is asking questions. And he is putting himself into the text, trying to figure out just how all of what he is reading applies to him where he is at. Honestly, that was incredibly refreshing. In fact, to me, for me, it was like getting a B12 shot. Never had one, but that’s probably what it would feel like.

So here’s to you Donnie! Way to be a man passionate about God’s word. Way to go!

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