My wife reads this blog

I know you are there. You read my blog.  And I know you are checking things out. And I know you are looking at my typing errors. And I know you are tracking my movements through life by way of the trail I leave behind in my writing. I blog freely. Which often leads you to ask me questions. Like this morning. You know often I slam down a breakfast shake. But then you read on my blog how I love the #11 at Whataburger for breakfast and you wonder if that’s a good idea for me to be packing in a shake and a big breakfast. So I had to explain that it’s an either or situation and never both.

But I appreciate you reading this. I appreciate you care about me. I appreciate you want me to quit making typing errors. For the record I neither spell check nor proofread. I appreciate you like to glean insight into what I am thinking, or, at least find out why I am not thinking. I appreciate you taking an interest in my journalistic endeavor. Thanks honey. Hope you have a fantastic day today.

3 Responses to My wife reads this blog

  1. tinatsu says:

    I like what you’re doing with your blog. Keep up the awesome work. Great Post!

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple. Be Decisive.
    ~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

  2. Well thank you very much Tina. For those that don’t know, Tina has a great blog here…

    She has absolutely no judge of character though, or she wouldnt be reading my blog at all!!!!!

  3. Kandy says:

    Thanks, Honey! I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing what’s on your mind. It is sometimes challenging, sometimes funny, but always enjoyable. Keep up the good work, sweetie!

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