What did he say?

We have a gathering on the first Sunday night of each month were we invite newcomers to our house for a meet and greet meal. It is a great idea for now. I imagine at some point we just won’t be able to do it this way as it will become too many people. Anyway, we had some good friends come over tonight that have started coming to our church. And I made the comment to them that this whole church can’t be reliant on me or centered too much on me. And he said that the church would be awful if it did. Huh? I double taked. But he was right. This whole thing has to be hinged on Jesus and not me.

Honestly as a pastor. sometimes the feeling comes that I have to be great in the pulpit, great in leadership, great in… But honestly, the church needs me to be mediocre or horrible in some areas. I have always said to others, and am now saying it to myself – it’s good if there are things I don’t do as it releases others to step into their God given roles. And when others accelerate in their giftings, the church moves farther and faster than I could propel it. Not to mention, when I am weak, He becomes strong. So I am relaxing in my strengths, weaknesses and mediocrity, thanking God that there are others who are being empowered by the Holy Spirit to step up in various areas!!! So yeah, if the whole church relied on me, it wouldn’t be a very good church.

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