Dog The Bounty Hunter

I read today where Dog is mad and his wife is mad. And they want revenge. If you have no clue, apparently Dog used some racial slurs on a phone conversation. And, his son Tucker is alledged to have sent the tape of this converstion to the media. This prompted his show to be put on hold and probably cancelled. So they are mad at their son and seeking revenge because the son has ruined their lives by releasing the tape.

You know where I am headed already. Dog had everything to do with Dog getting cancelled. The tape to the media was simply the catalyst. Family turning on family is always painful no matter who you are. But if he hadn’t said what he said, we would be passing by his show on the channel guide like we always did.

This serves a great reminder. Words can absolutely demolish a ministry, a career, a relationship. And the heart is the teleprompter of the mouth. So heres to all of us who are probably not any better than Dog. We just haven’t been recorded yet. May God help us all as we purify our hearts, as we are slow to speak, and as we strive to keep the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts pleasing to God.

One Response to Dog The Bounty Hunter

  1. David says:

    Ouch, another whoopin’.

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