Look Here

There are a lot of thing sgoing on around me right now. And it’s the Clint Eastwood variety – good, bad, ugly. Driving yesterday, I just wanted to fret about some of the stuff. But, I decided to pray about it anyway and push through. And as I was praying, the phrase that dropped into me like a brick was “keep your eyes on Jesus.” OK. It’s not the most profound, theologically deep phrase ever. OK. It is THE MOST profound theological phrase ever. I have heard people say to keep our eyes on the prize. Focus on your destiny. Whatever. But this phrase has helped me so much in the last 24 hours. I need Jesus. Really I do. And my focus must be on Him. Where is your focus? I hope this helps you in some way to just focus on Christ.

One Response to Look Here

  1. David says:

    Cheri and I are praying for you. We love you…in a completly platonic, pastoral kind of way.

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