Barry Bonds Asterisk

Barry Bonds is now being charged with alledgedly lying to court. So let’s review. He is the home run king. But he alledgedly used steroids. And he alledgedly lied. So what does that all mean. Among other things, there is a raging debate about putting an asterisk besides his name for his home runs. He might go to jail if convicted, but that asterisk will last forever if it winds up on the record books.

I started thinking about that. When we all get to heaven, Revelations tells us that a book will be opened and either our name will or won’t be in that book. Having a name in that book is proof that we accepted Christ and followed Him as our Lord. And the amazing thing about that is there won’t be any asterisks beside our name. Not one. Because if there were, there would be lots of asterisks besides every name. We will all have cheated to get to Heaven. None of us earned our spot legitimately. We are all Barry Bonds in a way.

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