Pastor Cal

Was in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. And, as normally happens, I went to church where my wife’s parents go. The place is Randolph First Reformed Church. I have known Pastor Cal for quite some time. We don’t hang out. But we have talked. We don’t exchange emails or phone calls. But I always make it a point to greet him and talk with him when I am there. And, I try to bring him a book. He likes to read. I gave him the book by Tony Dungy.

And it’s odd because theologically, I am not on the same page as the reformed church. I am not reformed. I am not Calvinistic. I don’t think they push hard on that doctrine from the pulpit. In fact, you probably wouldn’t know they were reformed unless the name of the church gave it away. And, most of the people in the church are Dutch. I obviously am not, being an enthusiastic Italian.

But this church, and Pastor Cal, is a great place. They aren’t contemporary by some people’s standards. But they are moving at their own pace. They are following God as they pursue the purpose for the church. And I can’t remember hearing a message by Pastor Cal that wasn’t challenging. He is a solid preacher. And he is warm, genuine, and sincere. In fact, in some ways, I am envious of him. He is in a rural setting. He is a well known commodity in the community. He is a gifted pastor. He is doing it the way it all should be done. I don’t envy his dutchness, but other than that, he is a great leader.

Today, I am inspired by Pastor Cal.

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