Make Up Words

With the blenderizing of the English language, I find myself making up words. I have been sort of doing this for many years. Do you do that? Do you just make up words that sound better than a legitimate English word? Here are some of mine…

Hork – Messing something up big time. “Dude, you so horked that up.”

Spoo – If you have something on your shirt or on the table but you don’t know if it’s dust, lint, bird poop, or hair gel. “Hey, ya got some spoo on your shirt”

Dork Weed – Someone who continues to grow in dorkiness. “That guy is just a dork week.”

One Response to Make Up Words

  1. One of our cats has a whole encyclopedia of made-up names.

    She started out as Sister. Which turned into Thither. Which turned into Thirthy. Which turned into Dirdey, Nirney, then Nirnah, then Noonah. Noonah then morphs into Voovah, Moomah, Lula, etc. Add a flashy ending and it becomes Lula Vanoo or Noonah Valoo, etc.

    Also, during the Tour de France, she takes on the name of whichever team or rider has a cool name. This year it was Fofonov. In the past, we’ve called her Banesto or Once (the Spanish word for eleven, pronounced ohn-say).

    I wonder if my other cats get jealous that she has so many nicknames.

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