Sunday reflections

a. Our podcsting is still messed up. I need to sit with the overall system and find out what is wrong with it. Arghghgh.

b. The church looks so good with all the Christmas decorations up. It does look a bit like a Hobby Lobby threw up in there, but it’s all put up nicely and is really sharp looking.

c. The band nailed the Newsboys song “Adoration”. They only practiced it for the first time this morning then hammered it home. They also did a fabulous set and God’s presence showed up.

d. Normally I don’t like to preach through “5 ways to do this” or “7 things to do that”. But today, I preached on 8 reasons Jesus chose to be with us. It is the first week of the Christmas series “He chose to be with us”. I think God really used alot of those points. I had good feedback. But what I want more is for Legacy people to really embrace the presence of God this Christmas season.

e. Church was farily full today. We are going to need more chairs. They are expensive but necessary.

f. I am in crunch mode for my Master’s degree. I have one month to finish my last class. Yikes.

g. I am trying to hold on to my second place position in my Fantasy Football League. That guarantees me a spot in the playoffs. I am believing that I am winning our Church FFL league. Shouldn’t I? I am the pastor. I am supposed to lead.

h. The BCS college bowl standings are going to be messed up no matter what. It doesnt matter who your favorite teams are, the thing is going to be messed up. PLAYOFF SYSTEM!!!! Hello.

i. We gave away a Christmas tree that was in our attic. It’s a huge plastic gig. Mind you, we already had another one. My wife has around 20 boxes of Christmas start. So, maybe we could give away a few boxes of ornaments and stuff for the tree. Nope. Just the tree and a small box of glass ornaments. At least we got rid of that big honkin tree. My wife’s words to the recipient “We don’t want it back.” I hope that doesnt mean we need to go get a new one to replace it.

j. Our childrens pastors cat got electrocuted “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” style. It died I guess. Does that make me a bad person if I secretly celebrated the passing of a cat. I am wondering if I should leave a few strands of that stuff in my front yard. We have a lot of stray cats running around here and they seem to always dodge my car!

5 Responses to Sunday reflections

  1. Chad Wright says:

    Bad news. The cat lived.

  2. Callie says:

    Thanks for the “big honkin” tree!

  3. Kandy says:

    By the way, dear, it’s only about 15 boxes, and that tree was the biggest one!

  4. Yes, it definitely makes you a bad person if you’re happy a cat died. I think it even makes you a sinner, although I wouldn’t know about that.

    I’m happy to hear the cat survived! Cats are pretty resilient little critters.

  5. Chad Wright says:

    He survived, but he was not happy about the whole thing.

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