Hire slowly fire quickly

I have heard this phrase a lot. And I just read it lately on a blog. I hate this phrase.

First, I agree with the hire slowly part. It is easier to pass on a hire than it is to fire that person because they didn’t work out. I agree that time should taken, background should be checked, and much prayer should be invested in the decision. So absolutely: hire slowly.

But fire quickly? Really? So let’s recount. Jesus had 12 disciples. Not one of them left Him and not one of them was fired by Him, not even Judas. And His staff was rough. They said all the wrong things, did all the wrong things, and just bungled a lot of stuff up privately and publicly. In his over three years of public ministry, not one of them was fired, dismissed, abolished or whatever term you want to use. So, the Jesus model keeps everybody.

OK. So it’s not that easy. We ain’t Jesus right? But there is an important ingredient here. Where is the responsibility on the employer or supervisor to train, mentor and apprentice the person? Where is the love? Where is the investment? Are people simply chess pieces? Are people simply utilitarian? Come on. Seriously. Fire qucikly? Sounds like moodiness. Love is patient until you have had enough. Then fire them. Love suffers long and is kind, until you are through suffering.  People need someone to help mould them and shape them. But if we fire quickly, they might not get that chance.

Some people need to be fired. I get that. But only after doing all that can be done to reform the employee, train the employee, invest in the employee.

So I say: Hire slowly, fire slowly. Do you disagree? Am I missing the meaning of this phrase?

4 Responses to Hire slowly fire quickly

  1. tonyohh says:

    Sometimes we try to incorporate to many business applications into
    our church applications, in theory it works but the reality is we need to adapt, not adopt

  2. Thanks for your comment. I wonder how much “adoption” I have done rather than adapting. How many more concepts have snuck in that sounded good but maybe didn’t mesh with Christianity? Yikes.

  3. David says:

    Well, I can say with fairly good authority, you have had ample opportunity to practice the Jesus Method of hiring/firing over the last couple of years and I think you are doing okay.

  4. Chad Wright says:

    I’m pretty happy about your fire slowly technique.

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