E for effort

I don’t know about you, but I love people who give it a shot. I don’t care what at. But I love to see people try. Hey, even trying and failing looks appealing to me. One thing that bugs me is when people won’t even try. I know about all the different personalities. I know some are dependent riskers or dependent thinkers. But beyond that, just make an effort. I can’t count how many times someone has asked me “did you go to school for that” or “where did you learn all this junk.” Now they never said that about my building construction skills. But, I try new things all the time. Life takes action. Life takes curiosity. I hate cats. But I am always curious as to how things work. Curiousity hasn’t killed me yet. I have been shocked a time or two. But I am still here, still standing, and I do manage to find my way home every night.

So do me a favor. Try something. Put some effort into it. Learn something new. What is something you don’t know anything about but have wanted to learn? Come one think. What is it? Do a google search on it. Research it. Experiment.

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