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OK. Honestly. Our web page should be brought to you by Hoover, because it, well, honestly, it sucks. I can say that. I built it. I created it from a Church Square template system. Church Square is great for starting out. It makes it so easy to do a ton of stuff. But we are getting a bit more sophisticated. Maybe I just stink at design work from a web perspective. And I only want everything in functionality but I only want to pay a small amount. Who doesn’t. I do know I want the ability to show video and audio of services, the ability to frequently change graphics and content, and ease of use. Not too picky. But I am realizing to get to the next level, I may need to sell some blood.

 I am inquiring with Faith Highway to see what they have in the way of pricing. Got any other great outfits you can recommend?

One Response to Web Page

  1. chrismarlow says:

    Hey bro,

    We have a guy in our church that is really good He’s re-doing ours right now..He had his own firm here in Austin. If you want to chat with him let me know.


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