Sunday Reflections

     I felt really good about church today. Worship was pretty good. The message was pretty good. I love preaching about Jesus coming to the rescue. Today I focused on several situations where Jesus stepped in to the messy lives of individuals and rescued them. Wow. I have been rescued and so have so many through the ages. I just really want to be a part of a group of people intent on making rescues happen.

     Can’t wait for the Christmas party in 10 days. I love parties at the church. I think our idea of church can’t be limited strictly to a Sunday morning experience. When people play and laugh together, I think they glue themselves together into community.

     The Cowboys. Last seconds to pull out the win. Wow. Who doesn’t want to be Romo?

     I don’t know why or how, but I have royally messed up my back. I think I need to either see a chiro, pray and fast for healing, or begin doing some lower back exercises. Maybe all three. I hate going to see doctors. So I will try the last two.

     Pretty tragic news about the shootings at YWAM and New Life Church. Honestly, things are accellerating towards what I think looks like Christ coming back. There have been so many natural disasters. So many of the Christian community throwing in the towel. People becoming lovers of themselves. Amazing times we are in.

     I journal my devotions and prayer. And every year, when January 1 rolls around, I take out the previous year and read through lots of it. Then, I empty it all out and start fresh. I think this year is the thickest journal I have ever had. I have doubled up on my daily devotions from time to time. My prayer journal has gotten thicker. I really feel I have gone through quite a lot this year. Really, quite a tough year.

One Response to Sunday Reflections

  1. More shootings. Unbelievable. There are a lot of people with mental illness who are falling through the cracks in our society.

    My brother met his wife in YWAM, btw!

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