Everyone wants to be significant. If I were to be honest, really honest, I would probably have an unhealthy desire at times to be significant. All kinds of areas. Parenting. Husbanding. Blogging. Pastoring. Relating. I want to be liked and esteemed and elevated in some way or another. I think everyone wants that right? Doesn’t everyone deep down have a desire to feel important?

Enter Jesus. It’s not that Jesus demands attention or demands people to stop everything just because He shows up. But He is God. And that’s what happens when God enters the scene. And the other side of it is that Jesus determines, no, goes out of His way to not be significant. He washes feet. He plays with kids. He hangs out with the people with the worst reputation. He casts aside His significance for those who are least significant.

Enter me. In my desire for significance, I understand compared to Christ, I am not significant. Sure He loves me. He died for me. But the kind of significance I subtly want is so meaningless compared to Christ. Then, when He humbles Himself, and makes Himself into the world’s servant, my own significance compared to Him gets even lower.

Secret ambition and significance is dangerous. It puts too much attention on what I want. That’s why I need to pray. I need to read the Bible. I need to worship. I need to serve. The more attention I give to Christ, the less attention I have to give to my desire for significance. My greatest contribution to the entire quest for significance is to make know Christ and to make Him known. And when that happens, everything is put back in correct perspective.

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  1. ewright523 says:

    Great post! Simple and true.

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