God Channels

We get four channels on the Dish. TBN, EWTN, Angel and Daystar. Monday evenings, I am generally pretty fried from getting ready for Sunday. So like most pastors, Monday feels a bit hazy. So at 9:00 pm I thought I would check out the channels and see if there was something good on. I tried. I really tried. I am sure there are people that get alot out of TBN. And Sky Angel can be good at times and so can Angel. EWTN is Catholic. And there are some interesting things on there. But I have to admit and be honest, I couldnt hang with anything on any channel. And that is the case most of the time.

Here is my question: Is it too much to ask to have some really decent Christian programming? I know the church is a slow moving behemoth, often times moving much slower than the cultural trends. But come on. Can’t we kick it up a notch in this category? I am praying about this. And how do you spell behemoth anyway?

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