What’s The Hold Up

This morning, for whatever reason, it took quite a while for my good friends at Whataburger to get me my number 11 breakfast. I was patient. Not in any hurry really. But it did take quite a long while. And as I was pondering the delay, I really thought about the fact that since it was taking so long, then my tasty grub was going to be fresh and hot. It was. It was so worth the wait. Powerfully good in fact.

OK. Now to overspiritualize this. How many stinking times have I been in a hurry for God to do something? Way too many. I need to be patient. Whatever God has me waiting on will be way better when He is done with it. I need to be patient. Relax. Breathe in, breathe out.

I really have a lot of things I have before God right now. Big things. Little things. Some I have been praying about for years. Some frankly seem almost like crisis mode. But today, at least for this moment, I will sit patiently, and wait on God. And His time, He will do what needs to be done. And I will love it, even more than my number 11.

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