Team Time

Tonight, we put our Wednesday night service on hold so our staff could go out and have an off night. We are going bowling. I am really competitive deep down. You could beat me at something and I might have a nice pasty smile on my face and a warm glow about me. But I hate losing. When my kids were growing up, I almost never let them beat me at video games or whatever. Forgetting about the life lesson for them in that, I just hate losing. I don’t play much video games with them anymore cuz they usually beat me. Yes I am a sore loser.

Sorry. Got off track there. So we are bowling, eating some pizza and just hanging out. It’s been quite a while since we did this. I think we must play together. It helps take the edge off ministry. It helps remind us that we are all human and that we take ourselves too seriously in ministry at times. I can’t wait!!!

And yes, I will be bowling for the win!

One Response to Team Time

  1. Chad Wright says:

    Wow, this should be a blast tonight (sarcasm).

    I’ve already had Dave threaten bodily harm in his quest to be America’s Next Top Bowler. What is it about having kids the same age as ours that just makes you happy for a relaxing night without them?

    Win? Lose? Who cares? No kids!

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