Be Still

Are you kidding me? I know God said this. Be still and we would know He is God. But man, that is so tough. I think Jesus was way busier than I am. And I am quite sure He had more on His mind than I ever will. But honestly, being still is just flat out extraordinarily tough. But He did it. He was always getting away to just be alone and pray and meditate. Sometimes I think He just got away to take a nap. But either way, I need to avoid burning out and burning up. And to do that, I need to be still.

Lately, I have been taking my lunch in my car and just chilling out. I might read or just take a nap. But it’s a nice quiet time. I have also been turning off the TV a bit more. Not a lot. But enough. I have also been picking up my son from school a bit earlier than he gets out. I just sit in the parking lot. I don’t do anything but sit. I like it. I like forcing myself to do nothing. Join me in the do nothing challenge.

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