That Reminds Me

It’s drizzly out today. Is drizzly a word? Anyway, it reminds me of Seattle. When I smell, see, taste, or feel some things, those sensory experiences always remind me of something. My memory works in weird ways. Maybe it’s normal. But I am an experiential rememberer.

As I think about that, I want to have more experiences with Jesus. Really I do. I want to be constantly reminded of something about Christ.

I had lunch a long time ago with a pretty well known pastor. And at lunch, I walked away think the guy was hyper spiritual. Everything anyone said, He immediately responded with some Scripture or some saying or something that all tied in to Christ. I was a young punk then and just thought the guy was a hyperspiritualist. Now, I think back and know I was a young punk and the guy was just plain saturated with Christ.

I really need to look for Jesus in everything. No matter what. Everything. When I eat. When I am driving. What people say. If we knew just how much the Holy Spirit was around us, I think it would really freak us out to know just how much He wants to engage us. And when we have experiences where we draw in Christ, we will have lots and lots of reminders. Join me. Let’s look for Jesus in everything.

(editor’s note – I know this is a bit cheesy. OK. But honestly, I need continually create experiences of egagement with Christ.)

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