I Feel Sick

I went to lunch today with my brother. When I got back, my laptop and back were stolen right out of my office. The other people in my office heard something in my office, but thought it was me. Seriously. Broad daylight. People in the office. Ganked. I feel sick.

I went out today and bought a replacement on credit. That hurts. My bag was stolen. I loved that bag. It was THE perfect bag. I couldn’t find another one so I had to settle on another. And my journal was in that bag. I keep one year’s worth of prayer requests and Bible reading and note taking. I really feel sick. I have never felt more awful about buying new gear before.

I prayed alot today. I prayed for the person that stole my gear. I prayed that God would somehow do something in the persons life to bring that person to Christ. I prayed that he would at least return my journal. I prayed that whoever received my gear would somehow discover God’s plan for their lives and that it would help them change from evil to righteousness. I prayed that I wouldn’t get bitter or angry over this.

I realized today in a new way that the devil means harm. And can happen is we can allow our response to the devils work to rob us of capacity for Christ. So I am pushing off all those natural feelings of anger and hatred and bitterness and asking God to fill up that space with His love and beauty and forgiveness and and and

For those of you who asked me to pray for you today, believe me, I have! And will keep praying for you this week. I am creating a new prayer journal as I write this. I refuse to be held down!!!

One Response to I Feel Sick

  1. Chad Wright says:

    Disgruntled former employee?

    How many people have access to your offices?

    I guess that is probably the worst way to have to buy new stuff, isn’t it?

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