Random Thoughts For Sunday Night

Cowboys definitely stunk up the place today. Wow what a mess. Hopefully next week they get back on track.

Church was good today. I am still going a bit long. I try to keep to about a half hour to forty minutes with my messages. Just went a bit long. Content has been good but need to concise it.

We went to an elderly home center today and decorated some doors with Christmas decorations. I have plans for this place as I think all these older people are dear to God’s heart. I want to cater in a dinner for all their staff. I think people who work in old folks homes are probably overlooked and underappreciated. Next Christmas, after talking with some, I think we could knock out the whole place and decorate every door.  There also must be some other things we can do to minister to the residents. That’s on my radar.

Man I have to finish my last class to get my masters degree. It’s tedious but I need to get it done.

I really feel that God wants to do some very deep and significant work in the lives of our church members. We are doing a couple of great series in January and February. We are also pushing our home groups in a major way. I also want to work towards agressively reaching some unchurched people.

Starbucks. That company has made us all suckers. We stand in line for a long time. We drop big cash for a drink that could get us a full meal deal at a restaraunt. I think we are all suckers. And yes, like you, I continue to go back. I am a sucker.

I have noticed few people blog or read blogs on the weekends. That must mean that they are bored at work and blog and read blogs.

Men. I am really wanting to get back to a foundation I created for our men. We were having regular man nights where we would all get together and go eat man food and just hang out. I am craving wings big time. And nothing says man night like wings.

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