free books

I got a couple of free books this month. One was from the John Maxwell camp. It’s on prayer. I am pretty excited to get into that one. I like Maxwell I really do. But in doses. I am not interested in all the arguments about whether you should or shouldnt read his stuff. Heck, I get something out of reading warning labels on the gas pumps. So I am gonna read it and enjoy it.

The other book came yesterday. It was addressed to me. I happened to be home when the UPS guy dropped it off. Since it had my name on it I opened it. Then, looking at my daughter, I told her I thought my wife ordered me a book for Christmas and I just ruined the surprise. I told her to tell mom she opened it so I wouldn’t get in trouble. She said she wouldnt lie for me. Brat. And then the light went off. It was a book offered by an author to review. So I got a big giggly. Then I realized neither my daughter or I would have to lie to get out of trouble. Then I thought how much I hate getting in trouble with my wife and lieing somehow looks a lot safer than getting a beat down. She never really beats me. I can run faster than her.

One Response to free books

  1. OK. My wife would never beat me, chase me or yell at me. I made all that up. She actually is a priceless jewell. But I still don’t like making her mad.

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