Am I Gloating?

I think I am. I have just made a huge introduction today. In fact, it is a match that I have wanted to see for a while. It has now probably caused a divorce but that’s just the way it is. You see, I got a new ipod touch today. You know, the one with the bigger memory.  I just introduced it to my computer. And so, now, my old ipod will be jetisoned. It’s a video so it’s a good piece of equipment. But hey, it had to be done. It was an unexpected gift. Um. Yes. I am gloating. The only annoying thing is those stupid apple stickers. Can’t the people at the factory throw those away? Why do the customers have to do that?

3 Responses to Am I Gloating?

  1. Umm… If you didn’t throw them away – I know someone in Las Vegas who likes fruity stickers like the ones that came with your iPOD 🙂


  2. Brian, email me your address and they are yours. If you think it’s worthi it…laugh. email it to me and I will put them off first thing!

  3. Chad Wright says:

    He beat me to it. I’ve got a mountain of those but they are packed in a box and I found myself in need of one the other day.

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