First Quarter 08 Set

I have finally gotten what I believe is our first quarter message series. I have been praying over this for a while and am pretty excited about each month. I don’t usually like to put this info out there because it can change, or it may not happen, or whatever else. But it helps me to write it here for future reference. So…

January – Emphasizing the word of God. We are also partnering with an organization that will be sending Bibles to Iran/Iraq in their native language as MP3/CD’s. Pretty cool. The Bibles will be loaded onto MP3 players as well which makes it a whole lot easier. Need to come up with the branding on this. Yes I am a bit behind on that.

February – Junk In Your Trunk. All of us has some kind of junk. And this series will be about getting rid of the junk. Bitterness. Anger. Failure. Worry. Those are the main ones I am thinking of at the moment. And no I will not be using a behind as the cover art.

March – I Quit. There are some things in our attidude, ok my attitude, that we all need to quit. I quit being negative. I quit being critical. I quit placing on you unrealistic exectations. I quit being selfish. I quit complaining. I quit being sarcastic. Those are the concepts I am kicking around at the moment.

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