Go Random

I am going to purpose to position myself in a place where God can speak to me about blessing others, whether they seem significant or not, worthy or not, loveable or not. And I am purposing to be available with finances, labor, or just a simple act of help. I am purposing not to ignore people in need or who just need a quick hand. I am purposing to stop ignoring people with their turn signals on in the other lane when I am in a hurry. I am going random.

As an act of my resolve, I am going to do something random today. I am going to bless someone that can’t bless me back. I have them targeted. I feel God put this person on my heart.

Today, join me as we go random. Randomly going through life poised to jump on opportunities to help those we know and don’t know. That’s the kind of life Jesus lived when He walked the earth. Seizing every moment for God, maximizing the opportunity to reveal God’s work and grace and love and truth. Today is random day for me!

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