Sunday Night Mish Mash

The Packers lost. That means the Cowboys are riding home field advantage til they get to the Superbowl.

Church was good to day but a bit light. Since it’s so close to Christmas, lots of our great folks were out traveling to see their family. But it was great to see everyone prior to Christmas day.

I am digging my new ipod touch. Amazing technology. Still don’t want an iphone completely but this device has made me kind of want one but mostly not.

Going in to serious cook mode tomorrow. Making a huge italian meal for Christmas eve.

Pretty cold outside. Below freezing. That’s cold for Texas and even the Austin area.

God seems to be allowing me to talk with more and more people I don’t know or don’t go to our church. I am praying more and more for that. Not so I can simply invite them to church. But to engage people in the same way Jesus did.

I seriously lost my fantasy football league. Bummer. I thought I had a shot. Oh well. Next year.

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