Kentucky Derby Christmas

Doesn’t it seem like Christmas is like the Kentucky Derby. Days of building up. Pomp. Circumstance. Pageantry. Celebration. Decorations. Then wham. We are out of the gate. And it is a fast pace. Then the race is over.

 On a side note. I hinted to my wife I would love to have my car washed and waxed as a Christmas present. So she got me some car wash soap, wax, and some general car care cleaning stuff. Next year I need to be a bit more specific.

Second side note. We got the kids a foosball table for Christmas. The materials and istructions for stuff like this is getting worse and worse each year. Some of the pieces were broke and we had to re-assemble them. The instructions are pretty much useless. Quality is no longer job one at much of the manufacturing houses. I am afraid the bottom line is more important now than quality. That’s too bad.

Third side note. COCONUT CREAM PIE!!!! OH YES!!!

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