Guitar Hero III

Yes. I bought it for my son. Two guitars. One game. A bunch of songs. And I am awful at it unless I am on easy mode. I tried medium. Awful. Maybe it takes practice. Not sure I want to invest the time into becoming a guitar hero. If I were to get good, this is what I would have to look forward to

2 Responses to Guitar Hero III

  1. Steve McCoy says:

    We got GHII and III (so we could get 2 guitars). I’m good at easy and getting a little better at medium, but it’s hard. This video is awesome. Just showed my boys and they were freaking out. 🙂

  2. I think I am gonna try the bass Maybe that’s easier. My son has no problem continually pointing out that he beat me as he played on medium and I on easy. I honestly don’t know where he gets that “rub it in your face, I beat you like a rented pony” mentality. Sheesh. No respect. Must practice while he is asleep.

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