The last day of 2007

Everyone likes to set goals for the new year. Here are some goals I missed last year by a mile.

I didn’t lose 25 pounds. Why is this same goal on my list every year.

I didn’t make it over to Italy. Maybe this year.

I didn’t stop drinkng frappacinos alltogether. But I did reduce my intake by about three quarters.

I didn’t get up at 6:00 am everyday. But I did get up a bit earlier than I usually do. So I am making progress but I didn’t hit the goal.

I didn’t start a character study with my son like I planned. But it is in the front of my priorities list now. I have the topics laid out and the focus points for it so I just need to sit down and make it happen.

I didn’t convert my sons bed similiar to the one on Drake and Josh. But I am intent on getting it done!!!

I didn’t root for the Patriots at all. Wait. No. That was on my list as “Never ever root for the Patriots”. Sorry, that’s for my other blog posting.

Tom Brady didnt break the index finger on his throwing hand. Can’t say I had anything to do with missing the mark here.

I didn’t finish my Master’s degree in 2007. Officially, my final class work will be mailed out on January 2, 2008. Oh well.

I didn’t win the lottery and I didn’t win any prizes on the Deal or No Deal play at home pick a case game.

I didn’t get completely out of debt. But we are getting closer.

I didn’t get asked to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl game. Maybe next time.

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