First post, first thoughts 2008

I have a lot on my mind this morning. You have been forewarned.

-We had the absolute largest offering in our church history Sunday. It completely shattered whatever was our largest offering. I am completely blown away. Honestly. I have prayed about our finances and I set a goal for the 4th qurter giving so we could get some things done. We exceeded that goal, and it wasn’t a small goal. Wow.

-Today, in celebration of New Years, I am bring the Master’s degree in for a landing and finishing it up.

-I am digging more and more bringing in the new year with New York. We get it done at 11:00, kick everyone out of the house, and get to bed at a decent hour. Yes. I am. Getting older.

-We have a leadership team meeting tomorrow night with our staff. And I believe we must be extremely focused and poised for 2008. I think it’s true every year. But I believe God does want to prepare us for each new year in specific ways. And I also think God likes us to dream and have big visions. He can always shape it and hone it and manipulate it. But I think we all are guilty of not really being open enough to the big dreams of God.

-I shaved off my goatee. I get tired of it after a while.

 –I sent a package to Brian. Won’t he be surprised. He’ll get it tomorrow. Never met the guy. But I love sending stuff to people when they don’t expect it. He’s the guy that asked for the Apple stickers I got with my new ipod touch. Surprise!!!

-In 2009, I think I want to get an MBA or a doctorate in administration or something like that. I find that pursuing education keeps me sharp. I learned alot doing my bachelors. And I really sharpened some things getting my Master’s. We must be life long leaders. Though I love reading blogs and magazine articles, I think I need to apply myself to detailed study of God and His word and His way.

-In the first quarter of 2008, we are going to do a couple of events that I hope will shatter our attendance records and these events won’t be on Sunday mornings. These will be opportunities to build relationsips with people which then will make it easy to invite them to church. And they are not churcy events at all. More later.

-We gave a Bible away yesterday. We need to give Bibles away all the time. Is there a better gift? And I think when we give a Bible away, we need to explain how the Bible is laid out so they know something about what they are reading. Most unchurched people don’t know what the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament is. They don’t know what the “Gospels” mean or where they are. They probably have no clue what an epistle, apostle or disciple means. So if we give a Bible away, I think we need to be prepared to explain how it works.

Feeling fat. I only gained a pound over the holidays. But I just feel chunky. So this year, I really need to be serious about losing a first grader in weight. Smaller portions. Less sugar. Lot’s of water. Minimal caffeine. Exercise. Liposuction.

-My wife is doing an overnighter Friday night I think. Can you say “video game marathon“?

-Dear Santa, let me remind you of one of the gifts I asked for – Patriots lose in first round of playoffs.

-I had a thought. And I am not a complete tree hugger. And if you are, groovy. But what if I rallied my cul-de-sac to become a green cul-de-sac? What would that look like? How would our block change? What if I involved the city some how? What if we got sponsors? What if my neighbors all banned me from the hood? Pondering that one. Of course you know we would have to kick it off with a cook out…laugh.

-One of my goals this year is to get my wife to work less. She is way too busy.

-I really like Perry Noble and Gary Lamb. I think the world of those two guys. Never met them. I don’t comment on their blogs cuz they are stingy with their comment section. But I just so appreciate what those two bring to the Christian table. They aren’t shameless self promoters but they promote what God is doing in their church. It’s hard to listen to their podcast because their southern drawl moves from left to right alot. But really neat guys. And I have caught glimpses of stuff they do behind the scenes for other ministries and I am just so impressed with them. But they seriously need to find better teams to root for.

– There are something like 32 college bowl games this year. What does that mean if you didn’t get invited to a bowl game. You really suck and only won 1 game this year. Bowling Green? Houston? Air Force? Just goes to show when you flood the scene with mediocrity, the other bowls seem to lose their shine.

-I am digging Fifa Soccer 08 on the wii. I think the wii is pretty impressive on graphics.

-Had a conversation with a friend last night. Apparently cell phones and pda’s and hand held devices will all be experiencing high speed, hi-def capability through digital services. What does that mean? Podcasts? Forget it. Everything is headed to video. Video calls instead of cell phone calls. Remember the scene in one of the Back to the Future movies where McFly is having a video conference on his TV set? Yep. The size of devices can’t get much smaller. Even chip makers are starting to admit that. Now, it’s going to really be about the robust capability of a device. We are moving so fast that I worry we will keep swallowing all that right up to the time we get the stuff injected into us. “Wow. That will be so cool. I won’t need to carry a credit card. You can just scan my writst. Cool. You can know where I am at all times. Cool. I won’t need to worry about identity theft because “they” are controlling all my data in one place.”

-In my humble opinion, there has to be a marked time in a young person’s life when he is declared a man or a woman. They need to know that they will no longer be treated like a kid but expected to make man sized decisions and have man sized consequences. That experience took place with me and my son last week. Some call it a rite of pasage. But I believe they need to hear that we look at them now as a man. It can’t be prematurely orchestrated. Every kid matures at different ages. But there is a time when it needs to happen.

-Still with me? I told you I had a lot on my mind. And I really hope you have a great new year. Let me know how I can help you or pray for you!!!

One Response to First post, first thoughts 2008

  1. I’ve got to say THANK YOU for that special package that came in the mail yesterday! I had to do a bit of searching for the stickers… amongst all of the other items in the package… but once I found them… hehehe…

    You are such a blessing! I’ve already read the first two chapters of Quiet Reservation and those ‘bookmarks” you left in the book are an absolute blessing. I especially enjoyed the air freshener 🙂

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