Is It That Big

Is the financial obstacle that big that it should eclipse Jesus?

Is the relationship broken so much that it can’t be fixed by Jesus?

Is the uncertainty so huge that Jesus cannot span it?

Is the challenge so monumental that Jesus can’t give you the wisdom to achieve it?

Honestly, at times, I see the stuff that looks huge. And I forget Jesus is bigger, and frankly, way more important than that. Sometimes I just have to remember I have a relationship with Christ that supercedes whatever I am dealing with. I can’t escape the stuff. But I can’t let it become so big I forget about Jesus and about His ability and about His ultimate command over all elements. And I should not let anything keep me from loving Him. Truly nothing can separate us from the love of God. But there are things that can separate our love for Him. But nothing is worth it. Jesus frankly is big enough to handle it.

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