Kansas University

I watched the Kansas game last night. Football. A bowl with little significance. As I have posted before, that without a playoff, no team this year has a legitimate claim to the national champion. Anyway, I am watching the game, and Kansas is seconds away from victory. A couple of players line up behind the coach to give him the Gatorade bath without him knowing about it. I see coach Franzypanzy tell one of his assistants no to any of this kind of activity, unbeknownst to the guys with the jug of Gatorade. Just as they are moving in for the kill, the assistant coach backs the boys off and tells them they can’t drown the coach.

WHAT? Are you kidding me? What a panzy. I am sorry. But any coach that robs his kids of celebrating something as sacred as the Gatorade shower is honestly a punk. Sure Kansas won the game. Sure they think they are national champions even though they lost to MISSOURI. But honestly. The kids deserve this. It’s tribal. It’s tradition. It is tradition.

Gatorade: You should ban your product from their sideline since it was utlimately not used properly.

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