I finished my Master’s degree!!! YESSSSSSSSS.

Dianna and Shanon are visiting from Kansas City!!!! They are our favorites.

I hope Virginia Tech CRUSHES Kansas. I am praying now.

We are moving the church checking out of Chase Bank. I need a bank that loves us and we can grow with. Personal ones are leaving too!!!

I think worship ministry gear is a black hole as far as costs. Never ending expenses.

I need some cookies and milk. Am I pregnant? I am craving!!!

4 Responses to Today

  1. chrismarlow says:

    Congrats on finishing the Master’s Degree.

  2. Cam Beck says:

    Hey, congrats! Go splurge on the milk and cookies. You’ve earned it. 🙂

  3. Thanks people. You can imagine I am ecstatic it’s a done deal. And yes, I need to get some cookies and milk pronto.

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