Random Thoughts

– LSU can’t be any more than co-champion. Come on. Two losses? There are other two loss teams that are equally good. And how about the two teams that beat LSU? Playoffs. The bowl games mean little to anyone anymore really. It’s time for a change. Even high school football understands that!

– Election fatigue. We haven’t even gotten through half the primaries and I am already tired of the election yak. I know it’s important.

– I began my journey of listening to the Bible on MP3 yesterday. It’s been a while since I have done that. It’s amazing how much it changes the process. I listened to about eight chapters of Matthew. It’s so different hearing, since, after all, faith comes by hearing!

– We need new chairs, around 30 to be exact. And they cost around $70 each. I will be seriously asking for people to buy a chair this Sunday

– I love Sports Clips. Took my son there last night. If you don’t have one of these, it’s a place that is built out like a locker room, and there is a TV at every station with ESPN being shown. And sports stuff is everywhere. I am a fan for life.

– I don’t know why you read this blog, but thanks for reading. I promise I will work on my blog this month, add a blog roll, put out my book list, and that kind of junk.

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