Did I Forget

As I continue listening to the Bible on MP3, I am a bit overwhelmed by the quantity and perplexity of the miracles Jesus performed. By comparison, I am one of His disciples just like His were. They weren’t “apostles” yet, just disciples. And I find they wrestled with the same shortcomings they did. They saw all the miracles. But they had trouble duplicating the work, even though Jesus told them that they would do greater things than He did on the earth. He gave them all power to do the stuff.

I was reading a story online about a woman’s struggle with cancer. And my heart just broke. She was basically blogging the experience but I knew the words she wrote no where near detailed all of the emotion bottled up inside her. And I prayed for her. I prayed God would heal her. I think for me, one of the most frustrating things about Christianity is not always seeing answers to my prayer when it involves desperate people and desparate situation. I trust God. I believe He is fully in control. But I just want to have faith for people. I want Jesus to do miraculous things in peoples lives. I just wish I wasn’t inadequate at times like the disciples.

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