Drowning In Choices

Which is better, to have a few choices or a lot?

Case in point. Twenty years ago, we had about eight channel choices. It was easy to turn off the TV cuz nothing good was on all the time. Now, we have a bazillion channels. The content is as bad or worse. Yet we keep channel surfing.

Case in point. Baskin Robins. It used to be there was only a handful of flavors. Now there are all kinds. But doesnt it all boil down to some hopped up vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?

Case in point. Bowl games. It used to be there were only a few bowl games that really meant something. Now we have a chunk of bowl games ranging from the national champion bowl to the Tidy Bowl game. Come on. Is all those bowl gam choices good for us?

Case in point. Cell phones. It used to be you had a brick or a bag phone. Then you had a few options. Now, cell phones are practically disposable. Are all those choices all that better for us?

Here is my thinking. With so many choices, the sparkle of the new technology will have us paying out whatever it costs if we truly want it. But then, when choices flood the market, quality goes down somewhat as makers rush to duplicate the hot new thing. And then we start making our choices based on cost and immediate deliverability. I just think sometimes having too many choices may not be the best thing all the time. Go to Best Buy. Do a search for video cameras. Then click a few to compare. So many choices. Are they really all that different? In the end, the factors will probably be cost and in stock. But what if there were only three video cameras. All same priced. Different features. Then we would study the three choices and really make an educated well informed purchase.

Not sure exactly what I am trying to say here. But I think somehow the church is now swimming in a sea of choices. Church used to be the only thing going on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. Now, Wednesday night is just as good a night as Soccer practice, football, ballet, karate, quilting and the fill-in-the-blank guild. Sunday mornings now can be for shopping, sporting events, boating, golfing, or whatever else. So church then, is one of many choices.

The problem is, the world doesnt see the church as extremely vital. And the church sometimes doesn’t do a great job revealing the importance of meeting God on Sunday with a bunch of other Christians. Add to that, there are a lot of other “religions” going mainstream that make the choice for spirituality that much more confusion. Do I go to a Christian church? Do I go to a Mormon Church? Do I go to a Scientology thing? Do I go to Mosque?

The challenge then, is to reveal that there really is only one way. Church isn’t the way. But Church has to be a huge revealer of Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life. With all the choices, people will base their decisions to go or not to go to church on many things. But in the end, it must be about Jesus Christ. It must be about an experience with Him. People are drowning in choices. And if they don’t choose Christ, their choice will be an anchor and not a liferaft.

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