Parking Lot Detail

This morning, I drove through my favorite breakfast place and ordered the Whataburgre #11 with sausage and a milk. As I was sitting waiting on my meal to be handed to me, I see one of their workers with a mop bucket and a mop in the parking lot. I think to my self, “self, what is he doing?” Then I figure out he is mopping the parking lot. Huh? Exactly. I then zero in a bit more on the scene. He is mopping the grease spots left behind by cars. At first thought, I considered it a complete waste of time. But then, the Whataburger light went off.

Perusing the site, I find this jewel as part of their mission statement –

Our focus in 1950 is still our focus today. We work hard to provide an experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations at every level. And we work hard to deliver the best products with dignity and respect, so that our customers will continue to say “What a burger!” every time. That is the Whataburger difference.

So did the parking lot cleanliness pass the customer’s expectations? Yep. I think Whataburger gets it frankly. They understand keeping it simple. They understand how important it is to keep their facitility sparkling clean and bright. They understand that quality may take just a bit longer because they are making what I ordered rather than simply grabbing it out of a stack.

Note to Whtaburger – I posted several love notes on my blog about you on various issues. Shouldn’t that merit a sponsorship or a free burger or at least a party for my closest friends? And you know I always make fun of that creepy mascot at Burger King. And the new Wendy’s mascot cross dressing freak frankly kind of scares me too. So what do you say? Subway has Jared. Whataburger could have Tony!

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