Write It Down

When I was a youth pastor, I tried to write down stuff my senior pastor told me to do. I always knew that if he bothered saying something to me, it was on his mind and he felt he needed to tell me. And if he needed to tell me, I needed to hear it. I had to learn that the hard way, I promise. And I expect the same from our team. If I am telling them something, it’s probably pretty important to me as the senior leader. In all settins – church, business, social – the people that get my attention are the ones that show up with pen and paper in hand. It at least gives the appearance that they want to learn and want to improve. I have been the guy with nothing in my hands. And I have been the guy with pen and paper. I like being the guy with pen and paper.  

But now that I am the senior leader, there isn’t someone who walks around and tells me stuff in person. Now I have to pray more attentively and write down stuff. Lots of stuff. There is no safety net. If I blew it as a youth pastor, “big pappa” could step in, use up some of his cred, and bail me out. But when you are the guy, prayer is so much more important because there is noone else other than God. There is no one else. So I have to stay dilligent to write stuff down.

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