I went to Lowes last night for what was supposed to be a quick trip. I needed to return 49 eight foot long pieces of door trim and get 49 more. The batch to be returned simply wasn’t wide enough for our door frames. Anyway, it tood me around 20 minutes to get the wood returned. The whole process of counting and refunding only took 5. And waiting in line, I realized a couple of things.

1. I am pretty impatient. Waiting in line for 15 minutes isn’t all that much time. There was only one person in front of me and the cashier couldnt get the refund right. So it was tedious. But it wasn’t like being put on hold with Cingular Wireless.

2. I wanted someone else to come to the rescue and say “I can help you over here”. And I just bet when people come to our church, they have that same kind of feeling. They want someone to talk to them. They want someone to make them feel like they belong and that their visit mattered.

3. Shopping at a hardware store on Friday night is simply dreamy. Few customers there. There aren’t as many workers, but the place is pretty empty, except for the lady in front of me at the returns desk.

4. I really enjoyed hanging out with my daughter. Lately I have been giving her reasons to tease me. As noted, we needed 49 boards. We ended up getting 30 of one kind and 19 of another kind. I kept asking her how many of the one and how many of the other. She seemed to gain a superiority complex since she was the keeper of the numbers.

5. I had  www.schlotzskys.com  twice yesterday. Yesterday I blogged about trying to get www.whataburger.com to hook me up with a sponsorship since it is the unofficial breakfast vendor of this blog. Today, I am soliciting Schlotzskys to sponsor me as the official lunch of this blog. Tomorrow, I will decide which pizza place should be my sponsor. Or should I go Mexican food. Choices. Maybe I could get a cool blog jacket like the race car drivers wear and have sponsors all over it. I could have lettering on the back that says Chimento Blogging. Am I on to something here…laugh.

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