Dallas Lost

Post loss observations

-Dallas seems to have been incredible the first 12 games of the year. And then something happened that kept them from winning. What makes a team win that many games, then lose that many games?

-It looke like Jerry Jones was gonna explode on the sidelines. It also looked like he has had a bit of plastic surgery. Wow.

-I think the whole Romo Jessica Simpson this is overblown. But you can’t deny there is something just not right here. But I think Romo is a competitor. He wants to win. Just a weird deal all around.

-The Giants won. You gotta hand it to em. But I don’t think they are that great of a team. Are you kidding me? They don’t have a chance against the Packers. Or do they?

-I suddently have a lot more free time now on Sundays.

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