American Idol

It begins. The drama. The insults. The wacky people. One one hand, I think the three celebrity judges can be down right rude. On the other hand, I bet they just get punch drunk sitting there reviewing person after person, trying to maintain some last shred of sanity.

And what is the saddest of all is to see someone completely decompose on camera. There were two girls, princess leia and someone I will call “sparkles”. It’s is amazing to me how invested people can get into believing and banking on being the next idol. Wow. Ya kind of have to know that if thousands upon thousands are auditioning, and they are only taking a few to Hollywood, your chances would be better at being a place kicker in the NFL.

Perhaps the saddest comment of all came from Simon. After he heard someone celebrating in the hall because someone got a ticket to the next round, he told Randy and Paula he couldn’t understand why people are celebrating because someone else got to go. Wow. In other words, the only time he celebrates, I guess, is when he wins or succeeds. That is sad that he can’t celebrate when someone succeeds. I sat there wondering what kind of emotional baggage he was carrying to have that kind of outlook.

5 Responses to American Idol

  1. Pam Triick says:

    Sparkles as in Alexis? The artist-vet wanna be who sleeps on the couch in her mother’s studio apartment? The one who flipped out for at least 20 minutes because she wasn’t handed a golden ticket? I thought Simon was actually civil to her. I have no clue why she flipped out on him.

  2. Yeah that one. Wow. Amazing explosion. You are right. For this one, Simon was civil. I will give it to her for living her life her way.

  3. Pam Triick says:

    I think Simon, no matter how he treats people, will always get the brunt of everything because that’s how “we know him” now. lol

  4. I agree. And even though he can be pretty dang rude, he is often right on the money and is usually a better critic of talent.

  5. I appreciate Simon’s forthrightness, unless he’s being outright rude. He has the best critical eye of the three. But all three together bring balance to the process.

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