Empty Handed

So I went by Compusa again today. Yesterday, if you read my post on the same subject, you know the Holy Spirit was working on me and had injected me with an extra does of self control. I was hoping that the Holy Spirit didn’t know I was headed to Compusa. But He caught me. I was looking at their Nikon D4. The price on the kit today was $430. So I did an internet price search.

Circuit City $514
Amazon $468
B&H Photo $470
Walmart $529

So it’s a good deal. I held it in my hand. I marveled at what a perfect match my hand was for that sleek piece of moment capturing goodness. But I could not do it. I wanted to. But I was possessed by a higher power.

For fun, I left the store and called my wife and said “Hey, what would you say if I purcahsed a $430 digital camera.” She took it in stride. Then I revealed I had not given in to the techno temptation. I don’t think women love technological geekdom like men do. That’s a good thing I think. Someone has to make sure we can make our mortgage payment. It’s kind of hard to mail a camera to the lenders!

2 Responses to Empty Handed

  1. Mandy says:

    Now I know why the Lord has Kandy and I live in different states. … If you and Michael ever got together, there would be no hope. We would probably own an electronics store!

    Kudos on the self control!


  2. Mandy

    Your first blog response today is that you didnt talk to the person sitting near you while you were wating on your daughter. This response reveals you wouldn’t have bought the camera. Come on. Be positive. Show some love. Encourage your sister/my wife to indulge me with my purchasing wants and needs. Give in to the dark side.

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