Xbox Theft

So we get to church last night only to discover someone stole the Xbox out of the youth room. All doors were locked. No signs of forced entry. Vanished. We do know some keys are in circulation, like the people at Jungle Juice, an electrician, a plumber, and an a c guy.

Who could it have been? Who cares. It’s gone. Today, we changed all the locks out. We now have new locks and keys. And so I prayed today for the thief. A genuine prayer of forgiveness and love and a hope that he comes to Christ and feels the intense love of Jesus in His soul. What else could I pray really. I am to bless and not curse. I am to forgive. I am to call him to repentance. But I am not to get bitter.

It’s another reminder of the fallenness of man, the need for a Saviour, and the reality that satan is a punk that wants to rip people off! It will not deter us. And anytime stuff is stolen from us, we will rebuild better than what we lost. I have plans!

2 Responses to Xbox Theft

  1. carl says:

    Door locks are not good enough for equipment that costs several hundred dollars and weigh less than 5 pounds.

    When i was in youth ministry, they went from being locked in a closet that was in a locked office, to a locked acrylic case when in use. After the meetings they went back in the locked closet in the locked office.

  2. I agree!!! What’s weird here is that we weren’t in the building. We think someone who had a key simply opened the door and boosted it. All locks are now changed and I think we will put in some more safety/security measures!

    Carl, I hope you have a great weekend!

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