Bio Picture

OK. I have been noticing a trend among bloggers who try and have this really cool look for their blog bio pic. That’s why I went with the bland look with a green grain. But honestly, some of these pics I have seen look like the person posed about 50 times until they got just the right looking pic. It’s kind of funny really. New business idea – Blog Glamour Shots.

3 Responses to Bio Picture

  1. chrismarlow says:

    yes you are so right…of course, some do this well while others look a bit, um, well….LAME!

  2. So… your grainy green photo was intentional?? I just thought you had a cheap scanner… hehehe

    My photo was a candid shot by my wife… but isn’t it glamorous?

  3. I wanted a picture that made me look kind of space alien. Or ill. Or in the middle of the night. or….

    And yes, Brian, your phoe is kickin. I thought maybe those were your head shots as you were breaking into the film business!!!

    One other note, the other photos that are kind of funny are those that look like mug shots. I guess it beats an Avatar though.

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