Throughout my life, I have done my best to grab opportunities. I haven’t always done great things with them, but I have always tried to grab them. And I hope that’s what we do at our church. This year, we hope to give a lot of people opportunities. Opportunities to serve, teach, love, care, relate, give. It’s risky. But not any riskier than when Jesus gave 12 guys a shot. And if we don’t give people opportunities, they may never discover what God given abilities and talents are hidden inside them.

One Response to Opportunities

  1. Chad Wright says:

    One thing you’ve done a great job of impressing on me since we’ve been here is to not get in the way of others serving.

    It’s really easy to just say “I’ll take care of it,” because it’s easier to do it ourselves than to find someone to do it.

    But by doing that we’re preventing someone else from doing something they may be called to.

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