Does driving count

Today I drove around our building to see how far it is. According to the Mustang odometer, it is four-tenths of a mile. And as I have blogged here before, I need to move my carcass into some physical activity. So the first step was driving around the building to see how far so if and when I walk it, I know how far I walked. So, that means I have to walk around two and a half times to hit a mile. Tedious. I wish sitting on the couch watching TV was a great way to lose weight.

One Response to Does driving count

  1. You can totally incorporate TV into your workout, although sitting on the couch would not be allowed.

    When I work out at home, I set up my mini stair stepper (fits under the coffee table for storage) and weights in front of the TV and my floor mat to the side. Then I put the TV on mute, turn on closed captioning and turn on a show I want to watch (usually Martha, since I like to work out around 11:00).

    Then I put on the iPod. So I’m listening to music and reading TV while I’m working out. How could this ever be tedious?!

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