Democrats and Republicans

I am a Republican. No hiding that fact probably if you have read this blog. But I am more of a people person than a political hack. Fundamentally, I am fundamental. I believe abortion is a huge sin and can’t seem to endorse a candidate that is ok with it. There are also other agendas that I won’t go into here.

But here is my HUGE problem. The church by and large has been filled up with a majority of Republicans. In some ways, I hate that. Not that we should go out and try and find us some Democrats so we can get some balance. My huge problem is the church should be a strange and diverse mix of individuals. I am struggling with how to word this post. But my concern is that the cross should reach elephants and donkeys and green people and all kinds of other people. Our platforms of choice must all be choked down at the platform of the cross. I should just delete this post but am trying to think on this. 

One Response to Democrats and Republicans

  1. Cam Beck says:

    All you can do is teach the truth in love, my friend. Sometimes when we’re faithful to God, we are rewarded on Earth and in Heaven, and sometimes we’re left to show our faithfulness through struggle, but our reward is still in Heaven.

    Ultimately, our faithfulness is rewarded one way or the other. We can only control the faithfulness to the best of our limited wisdom and knowledge will allow, and trust in God to enforce His will.

    I’m no preacher, obviously, but I think I understand your trepidation. You may be thinking, “Am I saying what needs to be said in the right way? In the right venue? If I say it differently, am I watering down essential truths?”

    It’s tough, and I presume there are no easy answers. But from what I’ve been able to witness here, you’re of good heart. I will pray for wisdom and clarity on your behalf.

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