I am a bit distrubed today. Just restless internally. There seem to be a few things that are either bugging me, frustrating me, or I can’t seem to get a handle on. Add to that new opportunities and I feel a bit crazed. I am doing an exercise sometime today. I am writing this all out on paper and doing some creative thinking on how to wrestle down these issues, my feelings about them, and how to bring resolution.

One of these issues is going to my sons game. I have played and coached soccer so long it’s nearly impossible for me to keep from coaching from the stands. I simply need to shut my pie hole and let things happen on the field and just clap at the good stuff. But I need to write this down, write out my intentions for the next game and how I need to be a happy parent. In other words, the paper becomes my pre-game practice routine. That way, I reinforce what I need to do the next time.

And I need to work through this on all issues I am dealing with right now. Thoughts and emotions can be a lot like a fire – leave them alone and they will burn up everything in sight. Normally I have a great handle on this kind of stuff, but I think I have so much coming at me that I need to get squared away.

One Response to Disturbed

  1. Chad Wright says:

    I was feeling like that yesterday. It’s like there’s nothing particularly bad going on, just lots of unresolved stuff bothering me that makes me worry and eats up everything.

    Glad I’m not the only one.

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